Zygo Blaxell's Home Page

(not to be confused with Zygo Blaxell's Home Directory or Zygo Blaxell's Wiki Home).

If you want to hire a Linux software developer, check out my resume.

After a fire, the death of several web server machines, several changes of ISP, a separation, three moves, and five domain names, my home page is finally back on the Internet. This time, I own the domain name, I own and define the administrative policy for the server the pages are hosted on, and I have off-site backups.
Man, I am really tempting fate when I say things like that.

By Day...

Until recently, I worked at eSight where I make Linux power assistive technology medical devices. I'm now looking for my next opportunity.

By Night...

By night, I develop open-source software for Linux, most of which never gets released because I'm either lazy or a perfectionist. You can read about projects I'm working on (or have worked on) on my projects page.

Using GeoIP data for spam filtering

Not quite sure how well it works yet, but it produces pretty pictures.

XChat + Festival Insanity

I was fiddling around with XChat audio notifications ("beeps") when it suddenly occurred to me: what if, instead of making an annoying beeping noise on private messages and highlighted nicks, XChat fed the text directly into a speech synthesizer? The result is my XChat Festival Plugin.

I Am Not An Artist, And I Can Prove It.

I've spent way too much time toying with The GIMP. GNU makes it too easy to play with penguins.

I waste bandwidth--digital and analog--with randomly generated TV art.

Ow! My Eyes! Can I just read something instead?

I've written some articles for various public fora, some of which have received more attention than I expected and some a lot less.


My old GPG public key, which has expired by now. I have a new one on the keyservers...