Junk Mail

Here is some junk mail that has been sent to the addresses registered at the InterNIC for this web site:

Spam, Spam, Spam...

Subject: Get More Hits (and Sales) Than Ever Before!  We Know How! (21242)
From: www.ld.hn.cninfo.net
Subject: AD:Family Reunion T Shirts & More
Subject: Internet Domain Name Owner and ISP Address lists on CD-ROM
Subject: Your website
Subject: Re: how are you doing?
Subject: Fw: The Ultimate Internet Marketing Tools
Subject: Do you have too much Month left at the end of your Money?

Supporting, Troubleshooting, and Optimizing Windows NT 4.0

Talk about putting the "junk" in "junk mail." What happened, did we have a few minutes of downtime? Why else would someone think we were running Windows NT 4.0?

My scanner is dirty now.

UUNet Canada

Sheesh, these guys sure do try. A bare 128K ISDN line from my local telco costs more than my current Internet service--including all line charges and equipment rental--and is 75% slower!


Here's an invitation to ApacheCon '98. Well, we do use Apache...

First came the flyer:

Then came the full invitation (almost wish I could have gone):

My scanner is cleansed!

One of the problems with running Linux servers at a large corporation (think Dilbert here) is that you have to answer questions like "I was just reading this report on the Linux servers...what does it mean when it says that 100% of the downtime in the last two years on the NT servers was due to software product failure, hardware incompatibility, security problems, and licensing issues, while over the same time period, 100% of the downtime on the Linux servers was due to human error?" How do you answer that?

Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Optimizing PCs

Not complete yet. I accidentally broke the connector on the cable to my scanner during a move, so this might take a while.

Nothing Else

Miraculously, the flow of paper junk mail to my InterNIC contact address has stopped. We wish the same were true of the electronic spam, but we have that stuff deleted before we ever see it now.