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Pandora's Box

Don't tell me you couldn't see this coming...

Pandora In Bed

Yes, she always looks that grumpy in the mornings.

Rag Doll

We're still training this cat to enjoy human comforts. It's a daily struggle.

Pandora the Naturalist

Monitoring the local wildlife--in the summer. In the winter, she makes her first and last footprints in the snow.

Pandora's Face

CCD-based AF systems rely on high-contrast, bright images with lots of horizontal or vertical edges on order to focus. Pandora is a low-contrast, black object with few edges of any orientation. As a result, she is really challenging to photograph. The best pictures of Pandora are of her face--the only part of her body that the camera can easily focus on.

Pandora the Cook's Pet

Assisting with the cooking. Notice the activity LEDs on the stove, the illuminated "hot surface" warning LED, the cheery red glow from the heating element...but the pot is making bubbling noises, and Pandora must investigate...

Pandora the Pianist's Pet

How are we supposed to play a piano that's got a cat sitting on it?

Pandora the Linux Ubergeek

Just hackin' with the penguins...

Former Employer Mugs

The fate of all who fail to live up to employee expectations.

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